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Because the holiday season has come once again, we ask you to exercise caution with all lifestyle habits and choices you will be making. If you are not careful, you can easily suffer from facial trauma.

Facial trauma typically arises due to oral accidents and injuries that are not always preventable. However, having an effective prevention plan in place can lower your risk. Always make sure you are practicing safe lifestyle habits, especially when partaking in high-risk activities including driving your car or playing sports.

If you should suffer any emergency, it is important to visit Aspire Surgical for any facial trauma repair that may be needed. Common causes of facial trauma that will need to be treated include the following:

– Jaw fractures
– Bone fractures in and around your face area, including your jaw, cheeks, eye sockets, and nose
– Severe lacerations to your facial areas.
– Teeth that have been completely knocked out
– Intraoral lacerations

If you have suffered any form of facial trauma, our team is here to ensure you receive the treatment you need. Should you need any help from our team at our office in Heber, Utah, please call us at 435-315-2050. Dr. Joseph Fullmer and our team look forward to repairing your smile!