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Although there are numerous oral health care treatments designed to help keep your teeth safe from damage, it is just as important to make sure you’re taking care of your gums. Because your gums are the foundations upon which your teeth lie, any damage to your gums will often affect your teeth as well. Thus, it is important to make sure that if gum disease has settled in, which refers to an infection in your gums, to have it treated as soon as possible.

Our team at practice name is highly effective at providing gingival grafting treatments to help correct any issues associated with the recession of your gums that can often be present with gum disease. If you are in need of a gingival graft, also known as a gum graft or soft tissue graft, we can administer them to help improve the appearance of your gum line, and cap and conceal the roots of your teeth to ensure they’re not vulnerable to future exposure.

Through the use of a gum grafting procedures, our team at Aspire Surgical will remove tissue from other areas in your mouth and use them to graft onto the affected area. Because you’re using your own tissues, healing will be much faster and will be encouraged by the natural processes of your mouth.

For more information about gingival grafts, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment at our office in Heber, Utah. Dr. Joseph Fullmer and our team can be reached at 435-315-2050. We hope you have a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing your smile in the near future.