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Are you aware of the risk factors involved in oral pathology? Oral pathology often refers to diseases in your mouth that can arise not only with your teeth and gums but also with your jaw and other joints, muscles, and glands that are present. Our team is highly skilled at detecting any abnormalities that may have arisen and give you the proper treatment.

If you notice any abnormal signs within your mouth, it could be due to an infection. In addition, numerous times cancers have distinct symptoms that can be found during an oral & maxillofacial exam. If you are suffering from common symptoms such as frequent sore throats or bleeding that continues to return, it could be the sign or cancer. Other common signs of oral cancer include difficulties with chewing and swallowing, the presence of lumps, multicolored patches in your mouth, and sores that will not easily heal. All of these are signs of issues and ailments that can arise in your mouth that need to be detected, found, and treated as soon as possible.

Aspire Surgical is ready to give you the oral pathology exams and treatments you require. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Fullmer and our team at our office in Heber, Utah, you’re welcome to call us at phone. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the treatments necessary to ensure you receive the oral and maxillofacial care you deserve.