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Not all jaw pain exists in the exact same form. Jaw pain can arise as a minor inconvenience within your mouth or can be severely debilitating. In some cases, jaw pain can be present in other areas outside of your jaw, including in and around your ear. If you suffer any signs of earaches, facial pain, jaw tenderness, or headaches, jaw pain may be to blame.

There is a multitude of reasons why jaw pain exists. Simple oral health ailments such as toothaches and infections can lead to severe jaw pain. Furthermore, oral accidents and injuries are known to easily damage your jaw. Furthermore, various disorders such as TMJ disorders, gum disease, and bruxism can all lead to jaw pain.

If left untreated, jaw pain will only get worse. Visit us for x-rays to determine exactly what is causing your jaw pain. Simple treatment methods include medications, antibiotics, pain relievers and mouth guards. However, depending on the severity, oral surgery may be required.

If you need additional treatment for jaw and facial pain, Dr. Joseph Fullmer and our team at Aspire Surgical will help you with your oral health care in any way we can. If you would like to schedule a visit to our office in Heber, Utah, please call us at 435-315-2050. A healthy smile is a happy smile!