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Have you experienced bone loss to the jaw in in Heber, Utah? Dr. Joseph Fullmer can provide the help you need to restore your smile through a procedure known as bone grafting for patients who have lost jaw bone density.

The bone material in the jaw can be lost because of the loss of your pearly whites from decay, trauma, or gum disease. And it isn’t just your teeth that are affected. Your facial structure, muscles, and skin depend on the support of the jaw. This support is normally generated through the natural stimulation chewing provides for the bone. So when a tooth is lost, this healthy stimulation diminishes.

Another detrimental effect of jaw bone loss includes future dental restorations such as dental implants. Without enough stabilizing bone material in the jaw, your implant won’t be supported. With the support provided by a bone graft, Dr. Joseph Fullmer can successfully perform dental restorations such as crowns, dentures, or fixed bridgework.

To acquire the bone material for your graft, Dr. Joseph Fullmer may remove a small section of bone from another part of your jaw or body (such as the hip or shin, for example). If that is not possible, the bone material may also be obtained from other sources, including artificial bone.

If you are ready to preserve your smile with the help of a bone graft, we invite you to call our team in Heber, Utah at 435-315-2050 for a consultation. At Aspire Surgical, we look forward to helping you create the healthy, confident smile you deserve!